I See SEO: The Dangers of Using Excessive Keywords

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No one likes to be force-fed—whether it’s food or information. In fact, being blatantly told to do something has proven to have the opposite effect on our subconscious.

After all, corporations don’t spend millions of dollars on subliminal advertising for nothing!

Think about something as fleeting as everyday stress. Project deadlines, family emergency, lost keys, lack of time—it won’t be long before someone tells you to relax at the climax of your tension.

And you know what you’re going to do?

That’s right; you’ll go bananas.

As a business owner, it’s important to understand the profound depth of this phenomenon as it ultimately correlates with advertising and its effect on consumer psychology.

Don’t Tell Me What to Do

In the digital marketing world, everyone seems to have an opinion on the most effective ways of using SEO to build a brand.

While some of them may be true, they’re all contextual and it would be unwise to apply an SEO strategy without paying heed to your specific needs and objectives.

Enter: keyword generation and meta tags, the crowning jewels of optimization.

There used to be a time when inserting popular keywords relevant to your industry would help you rank higher on search engines—increasing your visibility and improving your access to the online market.

A lot has changed since then, however; search engine websites like Google soon caught up with the trending phenomenon of what is now infamously called “keyword stuffing”. Yes, as you guessed it, this is the inane practice of littering content with the same keywords in order to rank higher.

Not much different from blatantly saying “buy me”.

Grace in Subtlety

Surprising as it sounds—sometimes, the most effective way to market your brand is to apply your best efforts and let the product speak for itself.

This means using new and innovative marketing tools like SEO with tact and sincerity, and letting quality content be the determinant of success.

How do your integrate this ideology with your optimization framework?

By generating high ranking keywords, using them sparingly, and producing stellar content that says, “You’ll find plenty of brands in the market—here’s what makes us truly different!”

In practicing keyword variety, rather than stuffing, specializing in rich, relevant and unique digital content, you can earn your spot in the first few pages instead of desperately resorting to quick-fix solutions.

Your brand is a product of your unique philosophy. Believe in yourself and reach for the stars by hiring a reputable SEO agency.

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